Three Tips to Maintain Your Bright Smile After Professional Teeth Whitening

By: Our Team


At Contemporary Dentistry, our team understands the value of a radiant smile. After a professional teeth whitening treatment at our dental clinic in Fairfax, VA, it's normal to want to maintain that newfound glow for as long as possible. But how long does professional teeth whitening last? The answer varies based on your dental care routine post-treatment. Here, we offer three valuable tips to extend the brilliance of your smile well beyond your visit to our office. Remember, the longevity of your whitening results largely depends on the care you take post-treatment.

What daily habits help maintain a white smile?

First, good oral hygiene is one of your best defenses against staining. After undergoing a professional teeth whitening treatment at Contemporary Dentistry, a strict brushing and flossing routine is essential. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing once daily can significantly protect your results from the plaque and stains that dull your smile. Consider using toothpaste specifically designed for whitened teeth to protect your smile even further. Routine dental checkups are also crucial. These help maintain overall dental health and catch potential issues that could compromise your whitening results early. It's a simple yet effective way to help keep your smile bright in New York.

Are there foods and drinks to avoid post-whitening?

Indeed, your dietary choices play a pivotal role in how your teeth maintain their whiteness after treatment. Certain foods and beverages, such as coffee, tea, red wine, and some fruits like berries, are notorious for staining teeth. To preserve the effects of teeth whitening treatments, limiting intake of these staining foods and drinks is recommended, especially in the first few weeks following your treatment. If avoiding them is not an option, consider using a straw for beverages that stain and rinse your mouth with water after consuming potentially staining foods. This proactive approach can prolong the pristine condition of your whitened teeth.

Can lifestyle changes contribute to longer-lasting whitening effects?

Making specific lifestyle adjustments can also impact maintaining your bright smile. Smoking and the use of tobacco products can quickly reverse the effects of your teeth whitening. Quitting these habits can not only prolong the results of your whitening treatment but also benefit your overall health. Being mindful of the chemicals you expose your teeth to, including high-acidity foods and drinks, can prevent enamel erosion and staining, ensuring your smile stays brighter for longer. Embracing these changes can make all the difference in enjoying a lasting white smile.

Contemporary Dentistry can help you maintain your whitening results

At Contemporary Dentistry, we're committed to helping you enjoy the results of your professional teeth whitening for as long as possible. We offer personalized follow-up care and advice on how to keep your teeth white after whitening, tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. Remember, maintaining a radiant smile is a combination of professional care and personal diligence. If you're ready to ensure your smile can remain as vibrant as the day you left our office, or if you're considering embarking on your teeth whitening journey, contact our dental clinic in Fairfax, VA today. Let's work together to keep your smile shining bright!

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